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Creating a business card website
 from 150 euro

A business card site is your business card on the web. Its main purpose is a brief transfer of information about the company or person to attract the attention of visitors.


In fact, a business card site is a successful way to interact with a client. Usually a site of this kind consists of 3-5 pages. This is the main page, a page with brief information about the company or person. The last page, for example, is a map, a feedback form for visitors.


Features that a business card site should have:

  • Summary and concise presentation;
  • Convenient and thoughtful UX design;
  • Site adaptability for different devices;
  • High speed loading site; The stability of the resource.

Creating a Landing Page
from 100 euro

Landing is a universal and effective tool for sales.


When you need to draw the attention of a client to your specific product or service, to talk about a promotion or a special offer - that means you need a Landing Page - selling page! It is she who will help you in this matter! From a technical point of view, Landing is the same site as everyone else, but ... there are significant differences - it is created for one product, stock or service, has a single long page structure to maximally and concisely present all the necessary information for the client .


What are the differences from multi-page sites?


Developing a Landing Page is no different from creating a multi-page site, and is no less complicated in spite of a single page. The difference in design accents and the presence of certain attributes that are peculiar mainly to the landing page is the need to briefly and succinctly tell the customer about your offer.


Creating Radio Online
from 300 euro

What includes the creation of Online Radio:

The registration and proper connection of the radio on the site of the radio hosting.

Set the icon and logo of your radio.

Initial download of 6 hours of music in the genre of your choice.

Record and install 5 interruptions with the name of your radio.

Create Landing and connect your radio to it.

An advertising post for social networks about the fact that there is now a new radio and you are all invited to get to know it.

Website support for 3 months.

Site management training.

Training with radio.

Learning to go live.


We give gifts to all special offers:


Two domains in .RU and .РФ zones │ Premium hosting for one year │ 3 months of full support

Why exactly us?

We are 15 years old and during all this time we have successfully completed 1239 projects

on the creation, promotion and design of web resources of any complexity


According to your wishes


Unique texts


On all devices


Nothing is impossible


we are against standards




In one click


Our sites are fast


Our portfolio is huge and we will always be able to pick up for display the site we made on your subject. Here we present you only a small list of works for acquaintance

Restaurant "Hold the Crab"

Love Shop  "Milady"

Internet-Shop "Caviar and Crabs"

Villa "Oneiro"


Jackets Scanndi Finland

Furniture salon "EuroDom"

Yoga Center "Здесь ОМ"

Interior designer

Wedding Shoes "CaroLine"

Radio "BEACH"

Female coworking

Solar systems "Ecoflor"

Grooming "Artemon"

Dentistry "Tefiti"

Children's Center "Lyuboznayka"

Children's Center

Furniture company

Construction company



Restaurant - Cafe "Jamaica"

Cosmetics "KLIMEDA"